Profile of: Arthur G. Self, B. Sc, Ph. D, P. Eng
Seasoned Professional: I am a seasoned management professional backed by over 30 years of Engineering, Technology, and Program Management (PM) experience.

I have worked extensively both in High Tech and Defense arenas. I have had the privilege, and benefit, of working in smaller, start-up operations as well as in larger Corporations.

Arthur SelfSR&ED Claims: I have significant expertise in preparing, and defending, reports on Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentives.

Technical Writer: Over the years, I have published in a wide range of technical journals. In 2010, I have been retained by a European magazine to prepare four different technical articles.

Patent Writer: I have been using my technical writing skills for the direct benefit of clients, including the writing of patent applications submissions.

Engineering Management: Outside of my technical and program management skills, I have extensive experience in “sorting out” Engineering organizations and driving them forward with a highly motivated workforce to significant growth in business revenues. In brief, my experience spans the following:-

Wide Range of Differing Technologies

  • Systems engineering
  • RF, Electronics, Software engineering
  • Defense Technologies (HF to 100 GHz)
  • Telecommunications Technologies (fiber optics, lasers, detectors, etc)

Research & Development (R&D) Management

  • SR&ED Report preparation, submission, etc
  • Demonstrated expertise with R&D Teams up to 100.
  • Analysis of R&D Team issues/deficiencies and then refocusing/re-motivating/growing R&D Teams.
  • Demonstrated PM expertise in multi-$M programs.
  • International R&D Leadership
  • Motivation/growth/retention of R&D Teams in Canada, UK and China [across 12 time zones].
  • Extensive experience in Team downsizing per Corporate cost reduction strategies.

Defence and Electronic Warfare (EW)

  • My career has spanned Govt R&D and several senior positions in the Defense Industry. In more detail:-
  • Delivered an advanced Naval ESM system (0.5-40Ghz) employing the latest RF, A/D, SBC, GUI and fibre-optic technologies.
  • Led Technology R&D activities into Shipborne EW upgrades and subsequent sea trials of new solutions.
  • Led R&D into Army ECM and advanced intercept receivers for ELINT/SIGINT.
  • Led signal propagation trials (VHF-to-RF) and propagation loss prediction models.
  • Author and Instructor on 3-day Technology Seminars for various customers including: Research Associates of Syracuse (RAS) (, and the Association of Old Crows [AOC] (
    • Integrated Shipborne Protection
    • Tri-Service Offboard Countermeasures
  • Collaborated with Dr R G Wiley on his new book “ELINT: the Interception and Analysis of Radar Signals” published by Artech House. ISBN 1-58053-925-4. Author of Chapter 4 entitled “Probability of Intercept”.
  • “EW Intercept Probability – its evolution”, by Dr A G Self in Journal of Electronic Defense, August 2006
  • Published on a wide variety of technical issues. Currently, I am being retained by the Naval Forces ( magazine to write on a wide range of technical topics.
  • Technical Reviewer for the IEEE-AES periodical.
  • Expert Witness services provided on Shipborne EW.
  • Recognised International EW expert.

Quality Management (ISO 9001 and TL9000).

  • Qualified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.
  • Demonstrated QMS expertise.
  • QMS Management Representative for 6 years.
  • Demonstrated expertise in achieving, maintaining and expanding ISO 9001 and TL9000 Certification.

Site Management

  • Management of Site activities [planning, financials, security, Human Resource aspects, etc].
  • Site/lease closure as per Company needs and legal [lease] requirements.
  • Planning and achievement of new Site location and move-in.
  • Company Interface to external world [customers, press, etc].
  • Company Leader in all staff communications, hiring/firing, staff motivation activities, pay increases, etc.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Physics, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Physics, First Class Special Honours, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Professional Engineer of Ontario [P. Eng]
  • Accredited QMS Lead Auditor for  ISO 9001:2008