R&D/Engineering Excellence
Technology innovation and widespread competition increase pressure on Company R&D activities to deliver the latest and greatest product(s) both quickly and at the required cost targets.

. Thus, R&D organizations must be effective and with flawless program delivery, thus enabling the company to deliver its differentiated product(s) in a timely way to the marketplace.

ARTANA SOLUTIONS provides customers with the following expertise and support:

  • Program Management: plan preparation; plan audits; program reviews support.
  • Organizational Excellence through: problem identification; solution proposals;  restructure ideas; enhancement concepts; ideas for workforce re-motivation; as well as growth and downsizing expertise.
  • Assist small and medium companies in setting up an R&D organization for successful delivery of their innovative technology and product development.
  • Team-building assistance.
  • Remote Team management concepts/assistance.

Other Services Offered: